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Der Bund der Versicherten e. V. (BdV) ist ein wichtiger Ansprechpartner für Bundes- und Landesministerien sowie Gerichte und Behörden. Als Deutschlands größte Verbraucherschutzorganisation für Versicherte nehmen wir an vielen Gesetzgebungsverfahren, auch für europäische Institutionen, mit Stellungnahmen teil.

Europa | 13.05.2022

BdV-comments on customer’s “sustainability preferences” following to EIOPA draft guidelines under IDD

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BdV strongly welcomes EIOPA’s proposal of the two-step process to assess the suitability of the insurance-based investment product. With regard to the “sustainability preferences” of the policyholder (the initial questioning and the necessary information about them) we support EIOPA’s “layered” approach presented by these guidelines as well balanced and pragmatic.

Europa | 25.02.2022

BdV-Comments for EIOPA consultation on Insurance-based Investment Products

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In its comments for this consultation on insurance-based investment products BdV stresses again that "product complexity" must not be limited to the "criteria originating from the securities market", but should include the opaque combination of investment part and biometric risk coverage. Additionally we ask for actual "independent" advice and better understandable cost indicators.

Europa | 16.12.2021

Novellierung der Basisinformationsblätter für Lebens- und Rentenversicherungen (PRIIPs KID Review)

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BdV supports the inclusion of past performances, asks for enhanced supervision of contradictory assessments of summary risk indicators and advocates information layering for multiple options products. Generally spoken there is a strong need for monitoring “value for money” and enhanced supervisory convergence.


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