The most important decisions on the future of the insurance industry are not primarily taken in Germany, but they are put forward before in Brussels. That is the reason why our engagement is particularly important there.

Since May 2015 the German Association of the Insured (BdV) is member of Better Finance, the most important umbrella organization of non-governmental organizations in the EU in the finance sector. Since April 2016 BdV is member of the board of Better Finance. Since April 2019, we have also been the President of Better Finance with Mr. Axel Kleinlein. In this way we are able to push forward our positions on directives and regulations referring to financial services.

In a critical and constructive way we review as well the proposals coming from Brussels with regard to the other European institutions by publishing comments.


Die wichtigen Entscheidungen über die Zukunft der Versicherungswirtschaft werden nicht zuerst in Deutschland getroffen, sondern sie werden zuvor bereits in Brüssel auf den Weg gebracht. Daher ist unser Engagement dort besonders wichtig.

Seit Mai 2015 ist der Bund der Versicherten e. V. (BdV) Mitglied bei „Better Finance“ - der größten Dachorganisation von unabhängigen Verbraucherverbänden (NGOs) in den EU-Staaten, die auf Finanzdienstleistungen spezialisiert sind. Seit April 2016 ist der BdV Mitglied im Vorstand von Better Finance. Seit April 2019 stellen wir mit Axel Kleinlein auch den Präsidenten von Better Finance. So können wir uns bei neuen Richtlinien und Regularien rund um das Thema Finanzdienstleistungen einbringen.

Kritisch und konstruktiv begleiten wir die Brüsseler Vorhaben auch gegenüber den europäischen Institutionen in weiteren Stellungnahmen.


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Digitalization, Price Optimization and Transparancy: enhanced concerns for consumers revealed by EIOPA. Read more.

In addition to BdV and BETTER FINANCE's conference on European pension product PEPP, you are welcome to read the post blog of Arnaud Houdmont, BETTER FINANCE:

Corona Pensions: Redoubling of Financial Repression in the Covid and Post-Covid Era


By 13 January 2023, the Commission shall review the IORPs II Directive and report on its implementation and effectiveness to the European Parliament and to the Council (based on article 62 (1) of EU/2016/2341). Therefore EIOPA as the competent European Supervisory Authority will have to give advice to the EU Commission on this review in 2022. Read more.

Europa | 14.09.2018

In principle it is possible that "usage-based insurances" based on Big Data may result in more individualized tariffs in a positive way. But these positive outcomes are only possible under far-reaching prerequisites fulfilled by the insurers with regard to the promotion of public awareness, of consumer education and of consumer rights, especially of a high level of transparency.


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